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aconite_ooc's Journal

OOC Community for Aconite RPG
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The legend of the red and the black continues as the fitzgerald sisters cope with the curse that has plagued them in the past. The curse that has tore apart their lives in the present. One sister runs from her fate while the other embraces it but it was not only their lives that would be affected.

Taking place after the events of Ginger Snaps, this game picks up in Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed but in an alternate universe in which Ginger and Sam survived. The knife missed Ginger's heart and after Brigitte ran away, Ginger changed back to her human state. Sam's wounds healed and now he too is infected with the virus. Brigitte is unaware of this as she ran away before seeing either of them revive and believes both Sam and Ginger to be dead.

Now Ginger has formed her own pack with Jason McCardy and Sam as members while she tries to track down her elusive sister Brigitte who is always one step ahead of her, with problems of her own as Brigitte is being stalked by a mysterious werewolf. One night, after Brigitte overdoses on monkshood, she wakes up in Happier Times, a reharb clinic and terminal care hospital. This is a lucky break for Ginger and crew as they are finally able to catch up to Brigitte but now they must infiltrate the clinic in order to get Brigitte out.

To do this Ginger must pretend to be an drug addict and be checked into the clinic while Sam and Jason attempt to get jobs as orderlies.

Here they will face the challenge of trying to convince Brigitte to escape with them while dealing with the staff and patients of Happier Times. Not only that, there is still that werewolf out there who's chasing Brigitte.

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In this game there will be set guidelines for how the lycanthrope virus works which are based on the more tradtional werewolf legends.

--The werewolves will be affected by the full moon.
--A few days before the full moon the infected characters will begin to show signs of the change, such as longer, claw like nails, elongated ears, increased body tempature, increased body hair and they will begin to grow fangs and tails. Their personalities will also be affected as they will become more agressive, violent and have an increased sex drive.
--On the night of the full moon they will change into full blown werewolves and stay that way until morning when they change back to humans. This will repeat until the full moon begins to wane (usually happens in 3 to 4 days)
--The rest of the month the infected characters are their normal selves and cannot turn into werewolves during that time.
--Silver will hurt the werewolves but it won't kill them. They can touch it but will feel pain if silver should pierce their skin.
--Aconite (a.k.a-Monkshood) can slow down the transformation, delaying it but if the drug is constantly used it will build up in the character's system and stop working. This sedative will hurt those who use it but unlike humans, werewolves can survive large doses of the drug. The side-effects of aconite for werewolves are: Dizziness, nauseousness, stomach pain, and hallucinations (ex: Like the times Brigitte sees of Ginger and sees herself killing Tyler)
--The werewolves can only be killed if their hearts and/or brains are damaged and/or destoryed. All other wounds usually heal but do leave scars.

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1.This is an adult RPG. There will adult themes will be in the game. No one younger than 16 should apply to this game.

2.Post regularly. I would like this to be an active game and if people do not post regularly (like once a week) then they will be kicked out.

3.No Mary-Sues or Godmodding characters. There are no perfect/all powerfull people in real life so there shall be none in this game.

4.No drama. Play nice and remember the line between IC and OOC. What is said/done to your character is not meant as a personal attack!

5.Have a character journal. No personal journals allowed!

6.Do NOT apply to the game UNTIL I email back to say that you've been accepted! One you've been accepted you can apply for membership but NOT before then.

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1. Posts should be in paragraph form.
2. Posts should be in 3rd person, past tense.
3. Posts must have a heading on them. The heading is this:
Open to:
Closed to:

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OOC name:

Character Name:
Personality: (1- 2 Paragraphs at least)
Strengths/Skills: (Paragraph)
Weaknesses: (Paragraph)
Bio: (2 -3 Paragraphs)
Sample Post: (3 paragraphs at least)

Email applications to run_away_wolf@yahoo.com

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Brigitte Fitzgerald - - - run_away_wolf
Sam - - - sam_lemche
Ginger Fitzgerald - - - searchandestroy
Tyler - - - drugpimptyler
Ghost - - -

Jason McCardy ***Needed
Beth Ann

--Original characters are welcomed but must be human. OC's can be anything from fellow addict's, paitents, employee's of Happier Times and even residents from the near by community.

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Email questions and applications to run_away_wolf@yahoo.com